Greenray Industries is a leading manufacturer of OCXOs, TCXOs, and VCXOs, precision quartz crystal oscillators from 1 Hz to 1 GHz that function as precision signal sources for communications, instrumentation and military applications.

Greenray product capabilities include OCXOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, and clock oscillators on SMT, thru-hole, hybrid and custom products.

Greenray is committed to providing tight stability oscillators that satisfy the special customers needs.
Low phase noise is also a priority, and these components are available in a variety of package options, including SMT.

While offering outstanding vibration, shock and acceleration sensitivity performance, our ruggedized components also provide competitive stability and phase noise characteristics. In fact, the stability performance of several of Greenray TCXOs matches that of an OCXO, but without the excessive power draw and warm-up time. In addition, Greenray offer self-calibrating oscillators with excellent reliability and long-term stability.

Key Product Features

    • Sine Wave, CMOS, ECL, PECL & TTL outputs
    • Operating Temperature Range of -55 to +125°C
    • OCXO Frequency Stability to ±0.005 ppm
    • TCXO Frequency Stability to ±0.04 ppm
    • VCXO Frequency Pull to ±1000 ppm
    • Up to 100,000g Shock
    • g-sensitivity of <5 x 10-10
    • Low Phase Noise and Low Jitter
    • Custom Build Capability
    • ROHS & Lead Free Policies

                                 Direct links:

                               - Greenray Shortform Catalog

                          - OCXO

                                - TCXO

                                - VCXO

                         - Phase Noise: Theory vs. Practicality (pdf)









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